Are you an Infrastructure Architect?

The various titles I have held over the years have never not reflect the breath of work that I was performing. In fact, I alway had a hard time explaining what my role was – given the title (and vice-versa).

This ‘title’ displacement led me to the realization that my work was closer to that of an architect than toa  highly specialized technician. In fact, upon further investigation and research, It seemed as though what I had been working on for 16 years was more closely linked to that of an Architect – in the classical sense of the word. That is, the methodology used to design, maintain, and implement infrastructure, as an Architect does, encompasses a much larger scope than that an IT specialist.

My job responsibilities with my most recent employer included ensuring that the IT infrastructure in place would contribute to a high level of reliability, availability and performance in order to allow a 3000+ user base, consisting of administrative, faculty, and graduate student bodies, to conduct business in an effective and efficient manner.

My responsibilities included, the design and implementation of infrastructure initiatives for compliance to the organizations architectural road-map.

Does your  career involve the planing, designing and implementing the following IT infrastructure technologies :

  • networks
  • desktops
  • mid-tier and mainframes servers
  • SANS
  • content management systems (CMS)
  • backup and recovery systems
  • network file-systems
  • mobile infrastructure

If so,  you just may be an “IT Architect”  . . .