A Mystery Diagnosis . . .

In March  2008, while vacationing, I began experiencing strange onset of symptoms.
I noticed that my jaw would start to tire (the muscles in my jaw and mouth weakened) after about a minute of so, while chewing food and speaking.    Similarly, I began having trouble controlling the movement of my tongue.  I attributed this odd behavior jaw to general a cold, brushed it off, and waited to see if the symptoms persisted after I got back home.

Upon retuning back to Toronto, my symptoms became oddly worse – I had little to no jaw/tongue muscle power – I could only manage to speak or chew for about 2s at a time and had to rest my jaw/tounge to regain any muscle use. Moreover, I cold not lift my neck up from a horizontal position.
Soon thereafter, I a had several choking episodes as my throat muscles stopped firing as well.

Well,  I was terrified and suspected everything from stroke, to seizures.

After 10 separate diagnoses in-and-out of various hospitals, clinics and specialist, I had no answer.  I had lost 20lbs in 3 weeks as I was on a liquid diet, and I felt exhausted and dejected.  What should I do next?  What ever was wrong with me eluded common diagnosis.

On April 2008,  I walked  into  the  emergency wing at Toronto General Hospital looking for answers – God bless Toronto General for savng my life in time…

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